Organic farm Fiores in Vigo di Fassa

Medicinal plants and natural products from Val di Fassa

Welcome to the farm Fiores!
Born from a passion for agriculture, nature, the mountains, our valley and a desire to gain a knowledge and understanding of the ancient wisdom on plants that our ancestors possessed.

We make infusions and organic herbal teas, cosmetic products and natural syrups. Everything from the extracts of our plants! We await you in our shop in San Giovanni di Vigo di Fassa, where you can discover this wonderful world.

From the land to our customers … with zero carbon footprint!

Our plants are cultivated without chemicals and are, for the most part, harvested by hand. The high quality of our plants and products is not only due to our deep dedication to our work, but is also naturally supported by the altitude, the sunny location and the pristine environment.