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Organic farm & Eco Green House Fiores in Vigo di Fassa

Hello, I’m Nadia! Originally from Genoa, I fell in love with the Val di Fassa. After completion of my Bachelor degree in architecture, I decided to move to this enchanting place. Initially, I worked in the community of Moena, but my passion for nature, the mountains, the land, fresh air and medicinal plants did not let me go. This led to my decision to establish an organic farm for medicinal plant cultivation in the autumn of 2012. I managed to make my passion, my job. This time-wise coincided with the birth of my third child – a decision I cherish to this day. As the farm started growing, I found the courage to give up my permanent job to focus all my attention on the production of fragrances and organic tea.

Since 2016, I’ve entirely devoted my time to the cultivation of medicinal plants. In the meantime, I’ve also discovered the cultivation of grains. The extraordinary climate in the mountains, allow me to produce unique, fine wholemeal flours from wheat, barley and buckwheat.

The desire to create an entirely independent business – from cultivation to sale – required an extensive expansion of the farm in the summer of 2018. We now proudly have our own processing laboratory, an organic farm shop that markets all our products ranging from tea to syrup, natural cosmetic products and much more.
Since the expansion, we also offer seven rooms for accommodation in our Eco Green House and an unusual idea … a treehouse on the edge of the forest!
The farm Fiores was born from a passion for agriculture, nature, mountains and Val di Fassa. The Eco Green House is immersed in the greenery of the Dolomites.